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  • Free, no-commitment trial
  • Up to 50 quotes/month
  • Unlimited leads
    (log names, addresses, contact info)
  • Quoteflow branding is displayed on your site
  • One user per account
    (other limits may apply)




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  • For businesses ready to scale
  • Up to 2000 quotes/month
  • Additional 1000 quotes/month available for additional $20/month
  • “White label” software with your own logo
  • Up to 3 users or team members (other limits may apply)
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel or upgrade anytime

Agency Plan

For web developers and agencies who want to offer Quoteflow to their clients

Business plan features, plus
  • Custom quote limits
  • Custom domain & branding
  • Seats for all your team
  • Custom integration & VIP support

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How It Works

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Is Quoteflow adaptable to my business style?

Quoteflow’s drag and drop pricing tool lets you control and define how you want your jobs to be priced. Collect important job data (such as square footage, number of rooms, or customer address) then let Quoteflow make decisions on how to price a job – regardless if your company charges flat rates, per square foot, or if there’s after-hours charges.

Can I generate an unlimited number of quotes?

No, free accounts are limited to 50 quotes per month.
Business plans include 2000 quotes/month, with additional capacity available for a fee.

How do I sign up for a FREE trail?

You can sign up for our free plan <here>.

Do I need to know how to code?

Not at all! Quoteflow is a visual, no-code system that installs quickly without additional software. Once installed, Quoteflow makes defining your pricing models easy and intuitive. It’s accessible to anyone or any business, regardless of their computer expertise.

What features can I use in the FREE plan?

All of Quoteflow’s features are available in the free plan.
Note that free plans are limited to 50 quotes per month. After the monthly limit is reached, Quoteflow will continue to save leads for you to follow up with manually, but quotes will not be provided.

Free plan features and limitations:

  • Full use of Quoteflow’s powerful visual pricing flow tool (pricing tool? quote builder? pricing model editor?)
  • Unlimited use of Quoteflow products and services up to the 50 quote limit
  • Choose from themes that match your branding
  • Up to 50 quotes/month. Any additional visits are saved as leads for manual follow up
  • Unlimited leads (Name, address, contact info are all logged)
  • Quoteflow branding appears on your site
  • One user per account

For businesses that are ready to scale, we offer a Business plan that includes your custom branding, up to 3 user accounts, and as many quotes per month as you need.

Does Quoteflow work on all devices?

Your customers will be able to generate quotes on your website from any device: PC, mobile, or even from their vehicle’s built-in browser!

In addition, most Quoteflow admin features are also available on mobile, such as managing products and services, viewing and contacting leads, or managing your account. Please note, however, that creating and editing quote flows is currently only possible through a desktop/laptop computer. But don’t worry: we’re working on making the editor mobile-friendly as well!

Do I get a discount if I pay yearly?

Quoteflow customers can save 10% yearly by subscribing to an annual plan.

How safe is my data?

Quoteflow is built on the Google Cloud Platform using industry best-practices. None of your account information or pricing information is shared with others.

Is there a limit to the number of quote flows I can create?

No. You can create and deploy as many quote flows as you like, regardless of your plan.

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